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We instill the entrepreneurial spirit into the next generation of leaders by showing them the fundamentals of owning and operating a business that they conceptualized.

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Our mission is to put the “commune” back into inner city communities by restoring the positive focus back to one of its oldest institutions, the community recreation center. Through educational development, community cooperation, & resource provisioning we enhance the quality of life of under served neighborhoods.

Our current projects

  • This year, instead of raising funds to impact a community for just one day, we began fundraising and collecting in-kind donations of classroom supplies for classrooms, to support teachers all across the city from January - June! Mid-way through the school year is a great time to infuse supplies (basics and technology) back into the classroom. It is NOW open for teachers to apply here: and tell us their needs in advance, so we can assess where the donations should go. You can also nominate a classroom here:
    Donation: $0.00 / $25,000.00
    Donation: $0.00 / $25,000.00
  • We hear that the biggest challenge (besides waking children up for school) is purchasing school uniforms and we don’t want ANY child to miss a chance at an education because of it. The Lambert Legacy Charities will be distributing new and gently used FREE school uniforms this August just in time for the new school year! We will also give away FIVE home computers to students/families!
    Donation: $0.00 / $7,500.00
    Donation: $0.00 / $7,500.00
  • Summer 2017 in partnership with Sharai Robbins' Good Ground Literary Services, we will help 50 children write and publish their first book. This will be an 8 week program for children ages 5 - 18.
    Donation: $0.00 / $5,800.00
    Donation: $0.00 / $5,800.00
  • Each year we host an annual clothing drive (with free new and gently used clothing), community feast and concert in a different community area. Our goal, in line with our organization’s mission, is to encourage community cooperation, philanthropy, education and enhance the quality of life for all of those involved.
    Donation: $0.00 / $15,000.00
    Donation: $0.00 / $15,000.00

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