With the devastation hitting Puerto Rico, Florida and the Virgin Islands (Hurricane Irma), Texas (Hurricane Harvey), and TD-13 as well  Tropical Storm Jose on the horizon, we need to help each other out now more than ever.

The thing is, we all want to help but we don’t know how and at time we do nothing. Knowing this, we at Sporty Marketing decided to do an event that allows you to give to those in need while enjoying yourself.

Of course we know that you would be willing to donate for nothing, and because of that fact we partnered with 20th Century Fox & Movie Tavern to reward your donations with dinner and a movie.

Not just any movie, but a premiere of the long awaited “Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle” two weeks before it hits theaters.

For your $40 donation you will receive a ticket to the screening (including dinner, popcorn and non alcoholic beverages)

Donations are accepted via PayPal/Cash App or Cash.

RSVP below while seats last.