Kindred The Family Games 2015

Project Details

Date : 7 June 2015
Volunteer Name : Kindred The Family Soul

Project Description

Kindred the Family Soul and Got Laundry?, two family centered brands, have partnered to produce the first annual Kindred the Family Games to be held on Sunday, June 7th from noon until 4pm. Families of  5 including 2 children will compete for a grand prize package. The day will simultaneously feature events for spectators of all ages to get active and involved. Stations will include activities ranging from Zumba to line dancing. Information from local social service agencies will also be on-site.
Event organizers Kindred the Family Soul and Got Laundry? share a common need and love of family inclusive activity. They created this event for families all over the city to join together around fitness and fun!The need for outdoor physical activity for every member of the family is seen within our community through the
influx of diabetes, heart disease and childhood obesity to name a few. The day focuses on staying active and fills a need for families to bond under common interests, creating lifelong memories. This is an annual event to benefit the heart, mind, body, and soul.